Good Vision (It Will All Be Okay)

January. This is the time of year when I leave Anchorage for Northern California and an annual retreat. I’ll be back in touch toward the end of the month.

Going inside—going interior—I’m leaving a distressed world. There’s so much of which We/I/You don’t have control. I’m rattled – worried.

As I take my hand from what few controls I have—access to the news, influencing where I can—I choose to believe in and to vision that it will all be okay. All the things that scare me, all the ways that I’m frightened, I’m going to lean in and choose that it will all work out for the good.

Yes, discomfort, illness, loss, they come, and they go.  And still, the whole of your life, is all going to go really quite well.

You’re going to be okay; better than okay. And if you were to be okay—if it ALL were going to be okay—how would that impact what you do now?

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