Where We Live

Where do you live? You might have a next-door neighbor or someone down the street—you know the one; they are kind of a pain with the dog who pees on your bushes or a motorcycle that revs up at 6 am. But that person lives in your community, and despite your differences, you most likely have come to accept that person to some degree.

There’s also the community of the like-minded: these people live in proximity in their shared interests, beliefs, and priorities.  

I have a friend—a millennial—who looked at Bone to Sky on her cell phone after I told her (with great excitement) that the new website was launched. She didn’t read a word (sigh…) before pronouncing, you need pictures; where are your photos.  

Community for her is about a visual place: a photo that represents what is meaningful, what is important. To her, From Bone to Sky should say something visually about what I believe in with pictures rather than words. (I know she can read; she just doesn’t want to…that’s another blog.)

This community—and you may be deciding as your read this: is this my community? —is about where we live in our beliefs, in what matters to us, in our longing. Maybe you want a path that doesn’t just drop you off on some street corner but takes you somewhere meaningful.

You live, we live—this community—in a big place. And that’s a good thing.

Bob, my coach, gave me an assignment to decide who this blog is for, who the webinars are for, because it will make it easier for me to find you and to make this for you. This is for you, the person who wants to be more simply human than otherwise, who wants to live fully to the life you have with your responsibilities, your tasks, your challenges to grow. This for you, who thinks maybe it’s time to have a vision for your life and to take some risks to get there.

Oh, and the photos are for you. You know who you are.

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