What You Believe In

Saturday morning, in Anchorage, Alaska, I launched The Vision Workshop, the first of the From Bone to Sky offerings.

The Vision Workshop helps you do the hard work of leveraging your suffering toward a life worth living. The workshop is experiential. You contact your inner house, straighten it, get it in order. You use space, time, and the company of a congenial group to figure out what’s cluttering your mind and your heart, and either put it in a place to do good or let it go.

It’s hard to see how suffering and bliss are related: how the rawness of frustration, loss, of chronic pain is the very thing that gives fuel to a life worth living. Visioning is beautiful. It demands hard work and grit. Visioning is inspiring and deep; it’s the vibrance of pain and rebirth. Vision gets you moving when you don’t feel like moving. It gets you to responsible action in a time when the world needs you; your community needs you.  

The Vision Workshop: it’s real. It’s ready.

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And live your vision.

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