Runnin’ Down A Dream

…runnin’ down a dream
that never would come to me
workin’ on a mystery
goin’ wherever it leads
runnin’ down a dream
             –Mike Campbell, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne

I’m visiting family and taking time to fine-tune The Vision Workshop. Gosh, it’s pretty. If Tom Petty is the dreamer, racing along Highway 101, The Vision Workshop, is his 1965 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport.

But I’ve got nothing on Tom, God rest his soul. The way he sings about his dream. If it won’t come to him, he’ll go to it, wherever it takes him. You know by the way he sings there’s no letting go. I admire that.

Hopes and desires are kin to our sleeping dreams. Dreams, like hopes and desires, speak in the language of the night, of the unconscious, of the deep self. We shift from the logic of the day to imagery, to pictographs and cave drawings. Imagery is the frame of actualization. And emotional potency is the engine.  

Dreams bypass the ego. They go right past news cycles and cultural pressures to the deep self. Dreams can be nightmarish, noisy, intrusive, illogical.  Dream feelings can be hard and yearning, funny and tender. Dreams capture the places where energy pulses, where its blocked, and where it needs to go. Dreams speak of the true self, the self you need to be, the becoming you.

Dreamwork is an essential element of The Vision Workshop. We dance with what the dream is asking of you. We move into deep language. We work with the power of a heartfelt life, a life that is worth pursuing.

Enter a whole way of knowing yourself and who you are. The Vision Workshop. It’s honest. And it’s almost ready.  

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