Nimble Vision

You! Pilgrim on the path to Vision—to the life worth living! Know that fear will find you.

It will bang into your life like a bad guest, tower in the doorway, knock over the furniture, and scare the children. Fear takes up a lot of space, breaks the dishes, makes a mess in the bathroom. And what is that smell? For heaven’s sake, does anyone know?  

Like going toward an intruder in a bad dream, the best way to deal with fear is to move toward it. That’s right. Turn toward it. Look at it. Instead of avoiding it or sending it to darken another’s doorstep, give it a place at the table, lean into it. If time permits, allow yourself to weep at the mess it’s made of your life.

Each time you are present to your fear, you make a strike against evil; you make yourself more aware, more whole than you might have been otherwise. And you make the journey a little easier than it might have been for the rest of us who are trying to face our own fears rather than letting them bang, disowned, around the earth seeking the ruin of souls.

Know you are loved. That you are not alone. That every time you take trouble and fold it into yourself, you support this pilgrim community, this world of pilgrims on the path to freedom. And we thank you.

The truth calls you. With mercy and compassion, reach into your suffering and your promise; begin at the bone and reach to the sky like a spark of light lifted from the stubble.

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