A Life Worth Living

A calling begins as an awareness deep in the bones. Unheeded, the call emerges in problems, in conflicting feelings, in a sense of disconnect from the energy of life. Ignored, it pounds at the door of your life in headaches, illness, loss, crisis, and disturbing dreams.

Medication, mindfulness practice, psychotherapy, exercise, personal growth and spiritual direction: these are some of the paths that work well in managing the problems.

The vision workshop is to help in the answer to the call. I’m building it with the technology of dreamwork and the power of myth, spirituality, and clinical acumen. I’m making it for you. Because there’s more to life than living to shop, to get high, to meet the milestones of the successful life. Your family needs you. Your community needs you. The world needs you to make a life worth living. And, paradoxically, the problems are the torches that light the way to that kind of life.  

The vision workshop is for you, because it’s time to take seriously the unrest you feel inside and to respond with the same power and generosity with which you’ve been called.  

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