What Emerges

Winter solstice, December 21st, Anchorage, Alaska. Sunrise: 10: 15 am. Total daylight: five hours, 28 minutes. Finally. December arrives. And with it, permission to go inside, to shut the door. Settle into the interior rooms, the hidden places of the self. Let your eyes adjust and become accustomed to darkness. See—begin to see—that which you … Continue reading What Emerges

Photo of Anchorage Skyline

What You Believe In

Saturday morning, in Anchorage, Alaska, I launched The Vision Workshop, the first of the From Bone to Sky offerings. The Vision Workshop helps you do the hard work of leveraging your suffering toward a life worth living. The workshop is experiential. You contact your inner house, straighten it, get it in order. You use space, … Continue reading What You Believe In