Where Are You Going?

I’m at the airport waiting for a flight to Seattle. My identity as an Alaskan has been informed by flight. We’ve perfected it: There’s flight as a geographical solution to a problem, as a getaway vacation (think Hawaii or Arizona), as flight from adversity, and (my personal favorite) as flight from one’s self. It’s a lot of work to run, to believe that answers are found in getting away from something or in going to something: the job, the relationship, your relatives, yourself.

Here in the boarding area are families and single travelers, some anxiously hovering, others in makeshift napping positions, snoring softly. It’s been a rough year: state budget cuts to jobs and vital service programs, the 7.2 earthquake in November, and the unprecedented wildfires—fast, deep, and hot—that consumed over two million acres this summer. I’m guessing some folks are demoralized or frightened. Leaving, flying to family or to hospitable destinations has been increased by our current troubles. Flying is the best way out: otherwise it’s days of driving or traveling by boat through Canada. The airlines have hatched ingenious service programs to cultivate that desire to flee and to create a sense of class and specialness in the process. They work beautifully for those who have the resources to use them.

Where am I going? I said Seattle. But I’m also fleeing 2019 and its myriad perils: Alaska’s problems, the refugee crisis, the food crisis, climate change. I’m hiding for a brief time in 1981 when flight was a good thing, when it didn’t matter that it added carbon to the atmosphere, when everything could be about me—my comfort, my fun, my high. I’m fleeing From Bone To Sky: the hard work it will take to grow the blog, the webinars and workshops; the base camp of kindness; the space to launch your vision of what you can be in these perilous times. We jump, leap, and fly to the next level; to heroism; we lean out into the mercy of the Holy One, the touch of the Sacred.

My goal is to mount a blog every two-three days. This one took a week. Sometimes it’s just hard. It’s just hard. It’s just hard to respond heroically to trouble, to what we fear, and to allow ourselves to be hollowed out and transformed. Thank you. Thank you deeply. For reading.


From Bone to Sky is a community for people who are called to live with meaning. We reach deeply, beyond the culture of anxiety, divisiveness and the pressure to fit in to the very bones of our goodness and integrity, to vision and purpose. Find and live your vision; give it definition and form.

From Bone to Sky: This is who we are. This is what we do. And it changes everything. 

Where We Live

Where do you live? You might have a next-door neighbor or someone down the street—you know the one; they are kind of a pain with the dog who pees on your bushes or a motorcycle that revs up at 6 am. But that person lives in your community, and despite your differences, you most likely have come to accept that person to some degree.

There’s also the community of the like-minded: these people live in proximity in their shared interests, beliefs, and priorities.  

I have a friend—a millennial—who looked at Bone to Sky on her cell phone after I told her (with great excitement) that the new website was launched. She didn’t read a word (sigh…) before pronouncing, you need pictures; where are your photos.  

Community for her is about a visual place: a photo that represents what is meaningful, what is important. To her, From Bone to Sky should say something visually about what I believe in with pictures rather than words. (I know she can read; she just doesn’t want to…that’s another blog.)

This community—and you may be deciding as your read this: is this my community? —is about where we live in our beliefs, in what matters to us, in our longing. Maybe you want a path that doesn’t just drop you off on some street corner but takes you somewhere meaningful.

You live, we live—this community—in a big place. And that’s a good thing.

Bob, my coach, gave me an assignment to decide who this blog is for, who the webinars are for, because it will make it easier for me to find you and to make this for you. This is for you, the person who wants to be more simply human than otherwise, who wants to live fully to the life you have with your responsibilities, your tasks, your challenges to grow. This for you, who thinks maybe it’s time to have a vision for your life and to take some risks to get there.

Oh, and the photos are for you. You know who you are.

Vision Together

Join me. Build this community with me from the very seed. Let us help each other to walk through these difficult times. Information and technology surround us, we have access to a world of information to help us to strengthen our skills and to grow as wide and large as our ambition and curiosity.

And some knowing can only be found inside, deep in your heart.  

Through the blog and a set of webinars, we will work together in energizing ways to find purpose and vision in our daily lives. We’ll live alongside fear, divisiveness, contradiction, and confusion: we’ll work with the suffering.

Our vision is to find the deep center that still holds—not despite the pain, but because we are transformed by it and what we believe in.

The journey to awakening is difficult. We get distracted. We lose our way. Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve seen your vision; perhaps, it’s buried in a box of old clothing or stuffed in the back of your hall closet. Or maybe it was lost—something that fell away, unseen, one day when the weight of the world was on your shoulders.

But that vision is yours. It belongs to you. And you want it back. Now. You’re not about to turn away–not when you’ve come this far; not when you’re still searching.

Go deep to the bone, retrieve the parts of you held hostage by the cultural imperative to fit in. Give your vision definition and form. 

From Bone to Sky, we vision. This is who we are. This is what we do. And it changes everything.